It’s been such a joy painting this adorable face – he made me smile throughout the process.


Unfortunately, despite visiting two different scanning shops and taking many, many shots over three days, this woefully poor photo is the best image I got, which doesn’t do it justice.

As predicted, the watercolour study has evolved to become the final piece; smaller portraits have their merit and I’m quite satisfied with the result.


A light touch and a soft palette of transparent colours was necessary to reproduce that wonderfully delicate freshness of the little man’s flawless, peachy-soft baby skin.  Greatly diluted, these watery colours were carefully built up in layers until I felt I’d ‘captured’ him enough to please his parents.

Despite intending to paint loosely, unless the main features are detailed, it’s difficult to achieve a proper likeness of the subject.  In an attempt to make it more ‘painterly’ some splashes were added and I purposefully tried to fade out at the edges so that he wasn’t overwhelmed by the business of his clothing.  I do like a slightly unfinished painting, but on this occasion, it was mostly due to the fear of messing it up with overworking.

Now all I need is to stop “Baby face, you’ve got the cutest little baby face” from playing on a continuous loop in my head.

4 thoughts on “Babyface

  1. Absolutely beautiful. What lucky parents to have this stunning portrait of their son.. I won’t pretend to understand the technicalities of how you achieved the look – but you certainly have achieved it – and how! You really are a master of your work. (And I’m struggling hard to keep that song out of my mind).

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  2. Thanks Carol. Feeling confident with the medium is half the battle. I always use two brushes, one with the paint and a damp one for softening the edges where necessary. Sorry about the ear worm.


  3. Hi Rosemary, thanks for all the praise – we’ve have our own Mutual Appreciation Society as I’m in awe of your quilting. And I won’t apologise to you for the tune…as I sang “Poetry in Motion” for almost an entire week after reading your post about the Symmetry in Motion quilt block


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