A Smile Makes The World A Better Place

Before embarking on a portrait, making a preliminary study sketch can help to familiarise yourself with the subject – once you begin putting down marks on the paper a relationship starts to form.  Taking that first step will help to reveal what is important as you closely investigate the details of their features.  As the study is usually carried out in a free and spontaneous manner, it is common to prefer the sketch to the finished portrait.


I plan to make a few more studies in watercolour as well as in ink before starting the final portrait of my step-daughter’s youngest son.  When drawing his sweet little face I got totally carried away, so have learned not to overwork it….something I do a lot.

Since (unbelievably) that clown Donald Trump is US President Elect, our world has been turned into a circus…and it’s not funny.  So I thought I’d give you at least one reason to smile by sharing this little cutie with you.  This was all done using watercolour crayons.


4 thoughts on “A Smile Makes The World A Better Place

  1. Oh June what a beautiful portrait! I feel that I could pick him up and hug him. The detail is extraordinary and you’ve really captured that impish look that little boys so often have. What an amazing treasure for your stepdaughter.


  2. Thanks very much Rosemary – I so enjoyed doing this coloured pencil study and I know my step-daughter will like it because, importantly for a portrait, I captured a good likeness.


  3. Your portrait is stunning!!! What a sweet baby. I want to give him a kiss and a toy to play with. Your work is so good and there is a sensitivity to this child that you’ve captured with your watercolor crayons. I feel like he is looking right at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. And yes, he was the brightest thing in my day today as we prepare for an orange-faced, misogynistic, bigoted, lying jackass. God help us.


  4. Carol thank you so much for your comments, your opinion means a great deal to me. Having such an attractive subject helps…in the flesh, this little baby has a wonderful aura around him, he seems to glow. For your information, in England, to do a trump is to do a fart, which kind of sums the orange one up.


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