I’m still here….Yawn!

So six months of chugging away for my Zazzle store has felt mind-numbingly tedious.  Not that the actual designing is boring, more the (necessary) cross-media broadcasting that accompanies each and every single item.

Anyway, the possibility of emigrating to sunny Portugal now totally preoccupies me.  I’ve attended overseas property exhibitions,  examined online, plots of land for sale, researched property purchasing regulations and everything about private swimming pools – it’s addictive and so much fun!  If this does happen, it won’t be until 2018 after my son complete his university studies.


I’m itching to paint and draw again.  At the risk of being boring, I’m considering revisiting an image of my youngest step-daughter, the composition of which, inexplicably, still stimulates my creativity.  Already drawn in pencil and ink, painted with watercolourtwice.    This time I plan using a mixture of media and may give pastels a go.

Here to prove that I haven’t totally given up, is the ink version, but this time with some minor digital modifications.

6 thoughts on “I’m still here….Yawn!

  1. Wow! Living in Portugal would be amazing. You just might find everyone wanted to visit you all of a sudden – I certainly would! You’ve done a great job on Zazzle – I’ve been impressed at how much work you’ve put in. I hope that it’s proving to be lucrative for you. Still need to visit your site to order some business cards – I can’t keep using my old ones with the wrong address on them.


  2. Hi Rose – yes, I would hope that people would come to stay if we moved – it’s looking very possible at the moment.

    Thanks for all your kind words about my work on Zazzle, as well as all your loyal support. I will continue, only not so much and yes thanks, the sales are starting to pick up.

    I’d be very happy to personally design your business cards anytime – just send me examples of some that you like and I’m sure between us we’ll come up with something to please you.


  3. Another lovely portrait of your beautiful stepdaughter. Keep the work coming please. I can imagine your Zazzle store keeps you so busy that getting those pens and brushes out may not be what you want to do at the end of the day. But we want more June art!!!

    Portugal!!!!! Wow. Keep us posted.


  4. Thank you Carol. no worries, more art soon, especially as I find myself dreaming about painting…in-between dreaming of swimming in the sea in Portugal.


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