More Flowers

I’ve always wanted to paint flowers but held back because for some nebulous reason I feared they would be too difficult.  Sometimes you just have to go for it.  Watercolour is utterly perect for painting flowers!

These Crocosmias (I had to look them up) were painted on dry paper using luscious, raw, thick watercolour paint, straight out of the tube.  Before the paint dried, I went back in with a clean, damp brush to tease out the colour.  A brush handle dipped in the paint became a handy mark maker.



One of my biggest challenges is knowing when to stop; I’ve ruined so many paintings at the last minute – although on this occasion I managed to step back in time….just.

4 thoughts on “More Flowers

  1. I can’t believe you can do beautiful portraits and were afraid of flowers! However, here you’ve done more of said beautiful flowers. Keep them up.

    I, too, have a problem of knowing when to stop.


  2. Aren’t flowers fun to do? It’s puzzling but I think the fear arose from realising that you have to work quickly to prevent them looking stiff.


  3. These are neat! I like the thicker paint on the petals and I am even treated to seeing some pencil line in this which I have always admired in anyone’s work. Beautiful work on these flowers.


  4. Thanks Leslie, they were quick and fun to do. Think I’ll attempt a still life next – to put some flowers in a composition rather than floating untethered on the paper.


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