Don’t Get Me Started; Embracing My Inner Grouch.

While you’re here I may as well rid my heaving bosom of something that still has me simultaneously wincing and fuming.

A recent television program documented preparations for an exhibition at the Leopold Museum in Vienna where some witless noodle made the sorry decision to show self-absorbed Tracey Emin’s gratuitous tosh alongside my favourite artist, Egon Scheile (cue audible ey-roll).  Really?  You just couldn’t make it up.  It was embarrassing.

Emin, as inebriated by her own suppurating ego as by the liquor she guzzles, is so trapped by her urge to shock that the outrage she strives for has become a cliché.  Her teeth-suckingly offensive ‘work’ has no correlation to art and I freely throw prejudicial cups of tea in the direction of those who confuse art with self-publication.

It’s hard to believe that people pay to stare at this excruciatingly crude fakery and that those who part with vast sums of money to own this pointless, ugly stuff are educated people.  The joke is on them.  It is freak art masquerading as originality.  Self-indulgent clap-trap and most of us have her sussed.

You can probably tell that I consider Emin and her ilk to have all the appeal of a flatulent dog in a lift.

I don’t have her millions nor her obtuse, fawning devotees, but I am confident that whatever I paint will always have more merit than anything Tracely Emin can do.

Deep breaths….

My husband is right – I do morph into curmudgeonly Victor Meldrew on this subject.

As an antidote to all that negativity – inspired by flower paintings by artist friends who make it look much easier than it is – herewith some sketches where I trusted the paint and allowed the water to do the work.  Marks were also made using the brush handle.



4 thoughts on “Don’t Get Me Started; Embracing My Inner Grouch.

  1. I think you are correct in what you say about your favorite artist and the installation next to him. I had to go see what Tracey Emin has created. Oh my…… how very strange… Not that Sciele wasn’t a bit odd, but there is more I like about his.
    Really like those flowers, June!!!! The wet-in-wet, splatter and liveliness of them is awesome! I’m going to need to remember to put some brush handle to the paper and I keep forgetting to finger paint. I read somewhere where some water color artists get their fingers in the paint and on the paper. Ha!


  2. Glad you like my summer flowers, yes all the lines were drawn with the paintbrush handle after the paint – love dong wet-in wet. Will have to try using fingers too.

    Scheile could really draw, he had talent whereas Emin’s lack of ability is palpable – it infuriates me that her vulgar, juvenile scribbles are promoted as the face of modern art. An art world tolerant of technical incompetence is dragging true artistic values backwards. Now I really must step down from my soapbox :-)


  3. Note to self: DO NOT piss off June. And when i say piss off i mean it in the American sense of Don’t get her angry, annoy her or otherwise get under her skin.

    2nd Not to self: June knows a lot of adjectives. Impressive!

    Comment: These flowers are to die for. Love, love, love them. Loose, juicy, colorful. Just the way flowers should be.


  4. Oh I like the ‘juicy’ bit.

    We use pissed-off the same here Mwahaha! I’ve was taught that it is better to let things out than hold them in.

    Sadly, I doubt that my outrage at Emin’s inability to draw, paint or sclupt will do anything to prevent further philistines revering her narcissistic trash and allowing her to make tons of money out of nasty dross….although she does have the ability to make me spurt adjectives.


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