The Art of Wu-Wei & Coloured Pencil Bliss

Isn’t it always the way?  With this drawing of my son I didn’t try.  Really!  It was only a spontaneous sketch with barely any conscious thought…yet somehow, I effortlessly managed to accurately ‘capture’ my son and his mood.  He even likes it enough to use it on his website.


Striving for perfection and overthinking often sabotages creativity.  It’s a paradox!  This was only achieved because I was ‘in the flow’, in a ‘zone’; the usual self-inflicted pressure was off and I didn’t care about the outcome.  I was unleashed!

Composer©zoomDrawing with coloured pencils is extremely satisfying.  It’s just so very simple – all that is required is some paper, pencils and a sharpener.  And the results are gratifyingly fast…no drying time required.

I’ll have to cultivate this – in future, I’ll try not to try.

6 thoughts on “The Art of Wu-Wei & Coloured Pencil Bliss

  1. What a gorgeous drawing of your son. He’s perfect in every way. I love the spontaneity of the colored pencil drawing and I’m envious of your talent.
    Just do it and don’t think too much about it is a good motto! And now please do more.


  2. Spontaneity isn’t possible when I paint in watercolours – which is why I need to do more of them. Hmm! I’ve received more good feedback for this coloured pencil drawing than for anything I’ve ever painted.

    Delighted you like it too.


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