Someone Pass Me The Tranquilisers

I’ve just completed a superb online watercolour portrait course given by the amazingly talented professional artist and tutor, and all-round great guy, Mario A. Robinson from which I learned so much.

Between you and me, I secretly hoped the course would immediately turn me into a master portrait painter, that there’d be an orchestra playing in the background as I twirled around in front of you with my masterpiece in one hand, paintbrush in the other.  Patently, it’s very much a learning process and I concluded that painting layer upon layer of glazes isn’t quite ‘me’, preferring spontaneity and risk-taking for a light, fresh, painterly finish….Oh all right then, it was bloody difficult and I simply don’t have the patience so I gave up!

I did learn heaps of valuable techniques, not least how to paint with a brush in each hand – and my confidence has definitely grown, but clearly, dilligent practise is required.

It was interesting to learn that in all his work, whether portraiture, still life or landscape, Mario uses the Grisaille method of painting – a monochromatic under-painting, which is a useful and accurate process that establishes a map of the tonal values prior to adding colour and helps create the illusion of depth and form.

After deciding not to complete the painting, I had some fun with it using charcoal and pastels, then decided to put it up here anyway, maybe even start a trend for showing failed works?

Ruth©flop There are no watermarks on this, what you may be able to see are pencil lines which would have eventually been covered if I’d taken the layers to the end and finished the painting properly.

Rut©cutNot too daunted for once, I’ll have another go at the portrait, using the lessons I’ve learned, but with my take on them – watch this space.

Look out for a crazy grinning woman prancing madly around an easel waving her paint brushes with quite a lot of attitude – that loon would be me.

Ah the hell with it….Cue orchestra!

4 thoughts on “Someone Pass Me The Tranquilisers

  1. You are a loon…for thinking this is a failure! I think it’s a terrific painting with lots of personality. Go ahead. Dance. You deserve it. I can hear the music from here.


  2. Glad you like it Carol – the course taught me huge amounts about painting with watercolours and, more importantly, has given me courage to forge ahead incorporating the techniques into my own style. I’ve learned more from the two Craftsy courses than I have from anywhere. Thank you for commenting, even if you did just call me crazy :-)


  3. Oh June, this is the best post! I love what you have done, above. I just think you have had that “self is worst critic”. I have always liked everything you have shared with us. Paint on!


  4. Thank you Leslie. It was going well, I just prefer a more painterly appearance with less layering. As you say on your website, no learning is ever wasted.


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