I’ll just leave these here…

This is not one of those pointless new year resolutions, but, being my first post of 2015 it’s a chance for a fresh start.

I’m determined to do much more art this year.

These sketches of my son’s fist are another warm-up exercise.


4 thoughts on “I’ll just leave these here…

  1. Didn’t expect comments for this so a big hank you Carol.

    The one in crayon was a warm-up to doing the warm-up in watercolour. Next week, probably the feet!! ;-)


  2. These are so good, June! I like that splatter one a lot! Wouldn’t it be cool to get his hands playing the guitar or any instrument for that matter! How about hands with drumsticks? That would be so cool, too. Hands are hard. You did great!


  3. Thank you so much Leslie – are you a mind-reader or something????

    I’ve long had a plan to paint a series of portraits with prominent hands. What seems really simple and straightforward in the mind, however, is not always so easy to actually carry out. First I need to complete some tutorials (which will be displayed here) and practice.

    In my slooow fashion I’m working towards it.


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