Last Squeak of 2013

And so as Christmas creaks into view, with the nation reaching wearily for its winter woolies once again, lo – behold my latest offering before I totally disappear up my own festive fundament.

Portrait©FinalPersonally, I prefer a looser, more spontaneous and drippy effect to this overworked watercolour portrait, but I learned so much; primarily how to conquer my fear of a blank sheet of paper:

  • my pigments are not as translucent as those of the tutor
  • squinting to properly see tone, light, shadow and reflected light
  • identifying warm and cool colours
  • preparation – pre-mix enough paints
  • glazing – how graduated washes create many layers – first time using a mop brush
  • establishing soft and hard edges
  • lifting off damp as well as dried pigment
  • ability to look at watercolour paintings by other artists and decipher which technical aspects were probably used

I enjoyed this online course so much.

Herewith the various stages showing the process…

Portrait©MontagePortrait©Likeness…just don’t ask me to share the technical details – it took me a long time to complete and I am busy preparing for the impending fa-la-laaa fiasco.

Once they have had time to complete the course themselves and IF they decide to publish, I will be adding links here to posts by my good painting buddies, Leslie White and Carol King.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.  Rum pum pum pum!

4 thoughts on “Last Squeak of 2013

  1. I like your portrait better than the teacher’s version on the website. YES I DO! I will have to start the course. As usual, I purchased it and now it’s sitting in my inbox mocking me along with all the other things projects I want to do.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and it’s nice to see you blogging again. We’ll take once in a while over you not blogging at all.

    Since this is a 3/4 view of the subject I think that makes it even harder, yet you’ve done a spectacular job with the face, beard and highlights. Brava!


  2. I can always rely on you to say something encouraging and uplifting about my work Carol – a big thank you.

    Admittedly I am pleased with it but REALLY all I did was follow the instructions. When you do yours (don’t allow it to mock you, the whole point of it is that you should do it when it suits you) keep a pad & pen handy and take detailed notes.


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