I’m not a slacker…I’m just surrounded by over-achievers!

I won’t lie.  Sometimes not very much art happens.  (What do you mean, you noticed?)

Yes, it’s been a while but here I am again – and thanks to this great online watercolour portrait tutorial I’m getting a kick out of painting again.

This image is merely an exercise in tonal values which I found compelling.  Agreed, it is undoubtedly overworked for what is supposed to be a simple study.

I find the tutor, Matt Rota, to be exceptional and easy to understand.  I haven’t even started the final portrait yet and I already feel I’ve learned more in a couple of hours watching his tutorials than ever before.

I’d forgotten what it’s like to be this motivated and giddy about painting…I feel like I could throw off sparks from my fingertips.  A new phase in my creativity is opening up and finally giving it some direction.  Seriously, I don’t know if I can take much more excitement!

Despite your suspicions, I’m not getting paid to drool enthusiastically about this course.

4 thoughts on “I’m not a slacker…I’m just surrounded by over-achievers!

  1. Wowsa! You’re back! Woohoooooooo! And with a great portrait. I saw this on craftsy as well. You already did an amazing job and I look forward to more portraits. Nice to see your post. Now get back to work. :)


  2. Yes it’s utterly thrilling to be painting again – even better to receive such an immediate & enthusiastic welcome-back from you Carol. Yes ma’am! *clicks heels and obediently picks up paintbrush* ;-))))

    P.S. Eager to see what you think of the course.


  3. This is fantastic! …and I’m jumping for joy that you’ve returned to painting. I do not think it looks overworked and I like it that I can detect the use of wet-in-wet,wet on dry and drybrush. I will definitely follow this guy as soon as I’m on break for the Holidays! You have always been your own worst critic because this is very good!
    Welcome Back!


  4. Leslie, thanks for the jumping and the praise. We’re all hard on ourselves, but that’s how we learn and grow. When you do the course you’ll see that I definitely did overwork it…can’t help myself. Can’t wait to see what you and Carol think of the course when you’ve completed it yourselves.


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