Are you ready for 2012?

Where has 2011 gone?  It was here a minute ago!  Cyberspace and technology move faster than I do – when will someone make an app. that slows life down?

Recently I’ve become dramatically aware that life is grossly unfair.  This pungent fact has recently re-affirmed itself tragically on two of my oldest, dearest friends – utterly devastating both their lives.

Feeling intensely ineffective and lacking a magic wand to frantically wave in their direction, I painted these little ‘bon mots’ as a feebly small reminder to them that, no matter how terrible life is, it is vital to always make room for laughter and spontaneity.  Easy for me to say.

3 thoughts on “Are you ready for 2012?

  1. That’s wonderful. I hope it cheered them up – it would definitely work on me! I hope things get better. You are a good friend.


  2. I’m climbing up onto that table right now! Will wine do? Brilliantly colorful and totally cheery, June! I would never have the patience to get all those letters lined up just so! Excellent!


  3. I’ve pushing Leslie out of the way to get on that table. I prefer Vodka if you please.

    I, too, am suddenly realizing that time is flying by. I’m sorry to hear about your friends and hope that perhaps they can put their lives back together. Your lettering is so colorful and you do bubbles well! I remember those bubbles from your old blog.


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