Inky Doodle Doo

…..Snappy blog titles never were my forte.

Look, I’m not dead, I’ve had the builders in.

Herewith my attempt at staving off the inevitable end of Summer.

2 thoughts on “Inky Doodle Doo

  1. I knew you weren’t dead! And I’ve seen a snappy title or two from you. :) But inky doodle do works.

    I very much like this pen and ink drawing of your waning hydrangea. The line work is exquisite, with the leaves contrasting nicely against the petals. And I also like your dots and splotches. So glad to see you back with a post.


  2. You snuck one in on me, June! This is great! I appreciate the time you took to draw each line and it speaks hydrangea to me. Pointillism and splatters! Awesome!


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