2 thoughts on “Do Not Adjust Your Eyes….

  1. I’m late to respond!!!! I am so sorry as I have been waiting to see this logo FOREVER!. June, you did it. At least, in my book, you rose to the occasion. How did you create that textured background behind the logo? So much more effective than white or flat gray. Love the “T” and the “A” that hold the rest of the logo together. I agree. It is “SICK”.

    The group? Awesome, too. I even checked out some of the videos. I could hear James lead guitar but I didn’t get to see him in the videos much. Thanks for sharing a photo of the band along with the logo. Has the order for shirts been placed? Is this already on the drumset?

    Ha! Love this post.


  2. Oh my. That is one “sick” logo. And watching your sproglet and his mates bounce their heads around to that heavy metal music actually had my head going up and down a little too.

    While I don’t think I’ll be going to any of their live shows, I admire them for their energy and stick-to-it-ive-ness. (I could pass on the giant ear holes though.)

    Looks like you absolutely hit the mark with the logo. It’s spot on for your son’s band. Rock on!


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