Male Nude

I thought that would get your attention!

Today was my first figure drawing/painting class since the age of nineteen.

After some initial nerves I decided to simply have fun, especially as I was wearing my lucky Wonder Woman pants.  Technically, there is room for improvement, this I know.  I’m trying to disciplin myself to really SEE and make my hand draw what I see.

The scanning isn’t up to much but here is one of my ten minute study plus a twenty minute effort in watercolour and ink.

2 thoughts on “Male Nude

  1. June! This is fantastic! I can’t paint that well in 20 minutes and I love the colors you chose. Clapping for you!
    The first pose with the twist is awesome, also. You are right. Just have fun!


  2. Really? THIS was your first figure drawing class since you were 19! Hmmm.

    Since this is June and your name is June, may I assume that your birthday is in June? And clearly you just turned 20 since these figures are fantastic. Very impressive. I hope this is a long semester of classes. I look forward to more postings.


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