This little watercolour painting was my attempt at humour.  It was a birthday gift for my youngest step-daughter who runs her own personal training business.

After the picture was left to dry on a table in another room  I forgot all about it until I overheard two teenage friends of my son talking and realised they were discussing it.  One lad obviously didn’t get the joke as the other said “That’s a trainer, see?  And it’s making personal remarks to the weights – the trainer is telling the weights that they’re dumb”.  He still didn’t really understand it.

So I thought it would be prudent to include his explanation just in case my sense of humour is less quirky than I’d imagined and is far more strange than is conventional.

3 thoughts on “Punny?

  1. Funny and punny. Perhaps that youngster is just not up on puns. Love the painting of the sneaker. Looking at those dumbbells makes my arms hurt. I have gotten so weak. I need to make an appointment with your step-daughter for some training.


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