Market Mayhem

I HATE SELLING!  I’ll happily draw and paint for days, but detest marketing the completed picture.  Just deciding on a price makes me squirm.

So who knows why I’ve set up shop on Etsy?  It’s a shop with nothing to sell yet.  My head throbs from thinking what to write on the profile page and I may never wade through the slew of advice on how to make my stuff sell over the million and one other Etsy-ites doing exactly the same thing.

Last week I designed five tea towels.  (You can see more detail via the ‘Digital’ page if you click on each one.)

The printing quote was inhibiting and necessitated orders of 150 of each.  The vision of me trying to live amongst floor-to-ceiling piles of toppling, unsold tea towels wasn’t attractive.

So a quick rethink later and the current plan is to paint a few quirky greeting cards and offer commissioned portraits to see whether anyone is mad enough wants to pay for them.

Next week, who knows?  I wonder what Wonder Woman would do?

3 thoughts on “Market Mayhem

  1. My feelings about marketing, exactly. Even in other endeavors, I have been so poor at selling anything. The tea towels are awesome and my I say that I could not do this digital art……. Good Luck with this Etsy start and let us know when it is up!


  2. These are wonderful and if I actually used tea towels I would buy them.

    Eat cake and carry on is very funny. That British poster “Keep Calm and Carry On” is very popular here right now. I prefer your sentiment.


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