Pleased with this I am

I wanted to say something fascinating and existential about this picture but am too tired from focusing on drawing with a mouse instead of a pencil and I think my computer may be running a temperature.

Being too impatient to closely follow rules in instruction books, I applied my usual trial and error approach by throwing myself at Photoshop and…yes it hurt, but I’m taking antibiotics for it.


You can probably hear me patting my own back from where you are.

I’m pleased with it – did I mention that before?

2 thoughts on “Pleased with this I am

  1. And well you should be pleased with this! You drew with a mouse? I am so old. What a lovely portrait of a young lady. I really love her eyes and her freckles.

    For throwing your self right into Photoshop and coming up with this, you should pat yourself on the back. Just don’t hurt yourself.


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