Caution: Contents may offend

Looking forward to Christmas shopping?  Of course not.

It is a british requisite to moan about Christmas coming too early and I’m usually first to grumble about the crass hype during the ever-lengthening run-up to Christmas.

Apologies then, to those who haven’t even managed to de-rust their barbecue yet – there’s a glimmer of tinsel to be found here!

For once I’ve resolved to positively embrace Christmas absurdly early by launching myself into the Tiger Print competition to create surface pattern designs for wrapping paper, cards etc – 2011!

Anyway, here it is for what it’s worth….and my entry has actually been uploaded to the site.

I approached it purely as a learning exercise and after WEEKS (!) of careful work I’ve realised that my (Fireworks) self-taught approach isn’t nearly enough and I urgently need some formal Photoshop training

So I don’t care how early those bells start jing-a-ling-ing or partridges are shoved into pear trees, just as long as someone stomps on every single recording of that repellent, ear-bashing, omnipresent Christmas song by those miscreants known as Slade.


3 thoughts on “Caution: Contents may offend

  1. Yay! Jumping up and down and clapping, of course!!! I buy cards that say Peace rather than Merry Christmas so I am immediately drawn to this. Beautiful, June. The birds and snowflake shapes and patterns are nicely placed. Good luck with the competition!


  2. I don’t know what fireworks is and have never used Photoshop, but I do love, love, love, your entry. Love the color scheme, your birds and your wording. (Who doesn’t want Peace?)

    Great job! Nice to see you posting. Never heard of Slade. I had to Google them and their Christmas song.

    Here, too, Christmas starts too damn early. Bah Humbug!


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